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Your wedding deserves the highest in care from all your vendors.

With over 70+ weddings captured in 8 years, Dewey On Point Productions intends to provide you with a quality experience that can help keep your wedding day a smooth and enjoyable experience!!


This is everything you could want in wedding video.
You will be covered perfectly and fully.

Included in this coverage:
-3 camera operators manning 5 to 6 cameras.
-Full day coverage from 1 hour before bride puts on her dress until the end of the reception.
Same Day Edit highlight that I personally edit during the reception (hence the need for a 3rd camera operator), to be played at the end of the reception.
-Moments from rehearsal (night before) can be captured, if so desired and if logistics work out.
-Full length archival video of ceremony and reception

-Highlight is a cinematic love story edit.  This features audio from before your wedding day (if so desired), audio from the wedding day, and priority placed on all decor, details, and as many candids of people as possible.
People are usually ecstatic to see themselves on your wedding video near the end of your special day!!

This is everything you could want in wedding video.

(The above video is the closest example I have to Ultimate package from weddings within the last 2 years.  It isn't exactly the ultimate package.)


This is for anyone who wants to make sure every moment and as many people as possible are covered.
Focus is on candid moments of as many as possible, as well as all the details, decorations, and everything that makes the day special.  With more footage to choose from, this makes a much more artistic and better highlight film. 

If you want a longer highlight with vows or personal letters being read to be woven throughout, this is the better option for you.

Included in this coverage:
-2 camera operators, 4+ cameras
-Full day coverage from 1 hour before bride puts on her dress until open dance/sparkler exit.
-Full length archival video of ceremony and reception

-Highlight is an artistic "essence of the day" 6-10 minute video to share with friends & family on social media.


This is meant for intimate weddings, focused more on the meaningful moments with people with limited to no focus on candids or decorations.

Do you have only 1 venue for the entire day (prep, ceremony and reception)?  Then this is the best choice for you.

If you have personal vows or notes that you want woven into the highlight, this can still work for you, but isn't the best option for that circumstance.

Included in this package:

-1 camera operator--3 to 4 cameras.

-Limited coverage of preparations between both female and male bridal parties (possibly only capturing the bride's preparations), full coverage of ceremony and reception until open dance/sparkler exit.

Don't see an option you desire above?

I am very flexible and love to do all I can to make your big day as amazing as it can be!

If you have an elopement, small (15 person or less) ceremony, desire livestreaming, or other options, I can work with you!

Feel free to reach out to me today!

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